This carafe will give you instantly chilled water from the first to the last glass.
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Iced Carafe
It happens all the time: you fill a carafe with ice cubes and drinks for your guests, you pour the first glass and all the ice cubes drop into that glass leaving just one guest with a cool drink.

The Iced Carafe from Royal VKB solves this problem. You fill the carafe to the indicated level and put it in the freezer. When your guests arrive, take it out of the freezer and fill it with any drink you like. The big ice block sticks to the wall of the carafe and chills the entire contents. Now the Iced Carafe will give you instantly chilled drinks from the first to the last glass.

Royal VKB's Iced Carafe is made of high-quality synthetics, and suitable for the dishwasher. It is available in a trendy warm grey colour.
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