The flexible shaft makes it easy to fit in candles of various thicknesses without having to resize them.
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Candle Holder ELAS
With the Candle Holder ELAS from Royal VKB it is now no longer necessary to cut candles to size. The Candle Holder ELAS has a flexible opening which allows you to simply insert candles of various diameters into the holder and be guaranteed they will stand upright first time!

The surprising weight in the bottom provides the necessary stability and gives the candle a nice retro look.

The Candle Holder ELAS is made of silicone, a material that gives the Candle Holder ELAS a very surprising and stylish look.

Because of its sophisticated design the Candle Holder ELAS fits all interiors whether contemporary or traditional and looks great individually, as a pair or in a group.

The Candle Holder ELAS is perfect for candles with a base diameter ranging between 2 and 2,5 cm and a maximum length of 35 cm.

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