Table Island is a beautiful and highly functional " island" where wallet, keyring, phone and as sunglasses can be stored
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Table Island
Everyday you use many valuable personal possessions such as your wallet, keyring, phone, sunglasses and iPad. In practice these objects don't really have a fixed place in house and therefore they are usually deposited in and around the kitchen.

The wallet and keyring 'disappear' quite often into the kitchen drawer, the kitchen table being used for phone, sunglasses and iPad.

It would be a lot easier to store all these personal belongings together in one fixed location.
Table Island of Royal VKB offers this solution.

Table Island is a beautiful and highly functional ' island' where wallet, keyring, phone as well as sunglasses can be easily stored and recovered. In addition, Table Island offers space for the iPad.

By a playful design of height differentiated compartments, which reminds us of a small mountain landscape, Table Island can be tailored to everyones own needs.

Table Island is made of compressed cork, an elastic and moisture-resistant material. This makes Table Island very suitable for use in the kitchen, for example, as a holder for the iPad reading recipes. Why not place Table Island near an electrical outlet so that the phone and iPad can be charged if needed.

The material in combination with the sleek design makesTable Island suitable for all Kitchen interiors.

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