Small Spoons for serving chilli sauce, olives, paté, jam and a fork for pickles.
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Special Spoons
As the name implies these are indeed "Special Spoons" as they are those very useful spoons that are always found to be missing in your kitchen drawer when desparately needed! In fact these "Special Spoons" were, in times gone by, a part of every cutlery canteen though nowadays they are almost forgotten.

Special Spoons is a set of spoons for all those jars that everyone stores in the refrigerator. The Special Spoons are also ideal for snacks and tapas.

Special Spoons includes several spoons that can be used, for example, for chili sauce, olives, paté, jam and a fork for pickles.

Special Spoons are packed in a model kit format where you need first to break them out of their frame with a sharp knife, a pair of scissors or by twisting them free. This surprising detail makes this article just a bit different, a real "must have"!

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